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  • Naked family pics
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    Naked family pics***
    Call me Ishmael. Gents voyeurs, over at the voy-zone free erotic clips section there's a Sandfly Anthology being undertaken. Embarking 7 Nov, I'm uploading a few of my old school movie captures just to reminisce and take you back thru some good times as this ambition grew and I scoured the four oceans for the elusive milky whale. She, for I know where she is - her day will come in the next orbit of the sun. That, you can see next year. -------------------- Today, I feast the MOMENTS you cannot taste in those posed saccharine pastiches the professionals indulge the base senses in. These two femmes, noticed on the spur of the moment as I coursed the sands, captured in a flurry of strain as I drop and fire, drop and fire and catch the heartstopping happiness of natural girls-next-door voyeured incognito (and unpaid, I must add, Euro scammers..) ------------------------ Of course this sense of time will be lost on the freakzoids out there. Yes, you who queued up to make complaints to Kate and team like a bleating upturned floatload of costumed fag dwarves during a boisterous Pride march when you realised Snow milky was a 300-pound bulldyke, man-hater. You whiny little bitches who infect the net with trollism and two times last month attempted to send the Sandfly down.------------- You lost. For I am unstoppable. Think on that, sweet hatemongers, as you froth when my name lights up your screens and bathes your scraggy basement 'apartment' underneath your elderly parents' home in a pallid hue. You, the twisted archetypes of inconsequence, sat there utter of fury. Let the Sandfly paint you the picture: Go surf the naturist and spout your venom at the pretty damsels, the cheerleaders who wouldn't talk to you at Shallowhead High, and wind up to finish with a blast at the Sandfly in the comments section, keeping your 'best' 'til last, hunched over your keyboards, gut searing, the bright ache behind your eyes opening sweat glands like geysers in Yellowstone as you realise I KNOW you.------------------ YOU, the hater who bleeds his senile mommy dry as she shuffles across the floorboards overhead attempting so despairingly thru the fug of age and decrepitude to to recall which customer was your real daddy (put away your stunning foreign prince fantasies - It was old one-eyed Simms the halitosis-ridden butcher from down the block on his very first night out of jail on a pederast charge). And your scanty old toothless duped 'Dad' out down the student bars eating dogfood for $20 bets with rich kids just to pay the winter fuel bills. He'll be home shortly, stinky like Lassie, and you'll hold your breath as they weep together and you swish with angst while your deflating 'girlfriend' sits hissing escaping air on the grimy matress you call bed.------------ That existential anguish will churn and churn and you'll eventually splurge it out in my comments section, not so much a dazzling stream of consciousness but more the powerless emission of a man who's fulfilled his lifelong desire to fuck a goat and right at the vinegar strokes has realised at a base level that he's no sexual pioneer but just what a sad perverted, what a worthless...well, goatfucker...he truly is. ------------------------------- There. Not so much a portrait, dear haters, as a mirror. Gawp deep, sickpuppies. Sandlfy knows. ---------------------------------- Now go do your downvoting (yaaaaawn) because you can't distinguish what is REAL peeping from the pretty but soporific fakery that has you gurning like narcotised drones every month. And never question, Kenneth, why the benzedrine NEVER seems to run out....----------------------------- Here is beauty. Natural, lovely. HERE are MOMENTS, gone in a breath. Two sweet nymphs caught naked and natural. Reminisce, if you read this far, get this down you and cruise over to catch some history in the vid section.--------------------------- After my political quips set fire to the sack of the sensitive woodland creatures out there who couldn't sleep, eat, or work because of me, I've promised the suffering naturist squad who have to deal with e-mails from Angry of Ohio that I'll steer clear of such a controversial subject as politics. This contri, we'll get some religion in instead. I did not put you here to suffer, said God, I did not put you here to whine (haters). I put you here to love one another, so get out and have a good Sandfly time. Let my people go-go. Anyway, there were these two Muslims ambled into a bar...
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