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    I bet she can give a dude a good fuck!!! Flag Comment
    Beautiful smile. Would love to see you two having joy in other places. Post again. Haters are envious people Flag Comment
    I would like to spunk in your cooch Flag Comment
    nice curvy assets and lovely tits! Flag Comment
    Oohhh Estelle, I would love to ravish you for hours, and hours and then some baby!!! You look absolutely delicious from head to toe!!! slshack@comcast.net Flag Comment
    have you ever had hair down there? It looks to barren. Flag Comment
    Very interesting you are I would like to know you just to get to know you. if that makes sense. Love the figure too and the barbells they could be joy to pull on. glcvette Flag Comment
    True blue balls! Flag Comment
    Tk U made Ill smile a little more even if thats not what your looking at LOL tk u again Flag Comment
    is that a 22 caliber maybe 177 looks smallish to me you might shoot your eye out Flag Comment
    Dr. Frankenstein put her baps on upside down. Nice slender, sexy bod but the terrible hooter job takes her out of my top 20. Your pix are unrivaled tho. Flag Comment
    I've got a geyser of hot lotion ready to grope into them! coachwill4u@yahoo.com Flag Comment
    Just what exactly is the point of picture 4? "See the phat blur?" You could make the blur smaller, just cover her eyes or something, and let us see what she's doing. Flag Comment
    I'd be blessed to hold the camera for you so you can get comfy. Flag Comment
    A ambling floatation device. Flag Comment
    DeDe darling what can I tell you? What do I think of you?.... I think you are a supah screwable woman that I would have like to know nicer. much nicer and fuck her till getting exhausted! John Flag Comment
    nice stuff ladies(ignore the fucktard above) Flag Comment
    Love the total bareness and the nude feet....she's a bit chubby, but I don't mind that as lengthy as she is not pierced, tatooed and utter of silicone. Flag Comment
    Surely this has got to be a joke? Flag Comment
    God! I would slurp that beautiful snatch early and often n finish with 8" Flag Comment
    Beautiful pussy! I'd love to crush all over and inbetween those lovely lips! mrlickalot269@yahoo Flag Comment
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    Ideal, Your aficionado jeff_owl Flag Comment
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    Hot outdoor MMF!!! Flag Comment
    Greek means only one thing:UP THE ASS!UP THE ASS! Flag Comment
    Lovely strong dude and soooo sexy naked outdoors and nutting too.Thank You Flag Comment
    thnx, sounds interesting, would you want me tied Flag Comment
    I would like share pics of my wifey and me with you..if you want...please email me Flag Comment
    Fantastic poses Eye! You look sooooo sexy. Having your 'friend' in some of the shots is icing on the cake (and what a fine looking 'bun cake' that is). Flag Comment
    Gorgeous! You're so beautiful Pia. I like the last shot, hehe, nice sexy silhouette of the promised grounds ;)I'd love to make your acquaintance.Thanks for sharing your pics here and perhaps I could come back the favor? Flag Comment
    you are so hot and sexy. Love to munch your nads and suck you dry. Marie smooches Flag Comment
    Last contri? Promise?What do you do when the Fleet isn't in? Flag Comment
    love to drink wine with yousexy joy lovinglike to eat your twat Flag Comment
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    is it clonakilty black ??? Flag Comment
    You must be from SG/KL..daring and very sexy..you wanna meet us in KL? duo here. email me Flag Comment
    You are not serious... Flag Comment
    both your lips in pic Two look delicious.... more please... debtdr Flag Comment
    Let's send an expedition to explore those "South Pole" puffies Flag Comment
    I was bored a lengthy time ago Flag Comment
    Looking good Jane. Please post some more pic's and lets see the rest of you. Flag Comment
    Very nice did somone slurp the whipped creme off that sweet looking ass?Or wiped it off?Thank you for sharing I think you are very sexy for posting.Please more pics next time Four just gets me heated up,and please don't hide your face Flag Comment
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    Hot wild drunk teen***
    So you want to know what the worse thing about being half Japanese is? I look Indeed Truly youthfull. Yeah sure....some of ya'll out there are just thinking, "sounds sweet!"....but it's not.... ...and I will tell you why.... So I went to Victoria's Secret to get some hot undies to flash off in some sets...because one of my friends work there...so while shopping I am telling her about what my friends and I am doing with the site and my friend thinks its so awesome...and that she has always dreamed to do something like that....and I am attempting to coax her to let Nick or I to take pictures of her...when some crazy woman who works there too FREAKED out on me! She was totally yelling at me! She began telling I was WAY to youthfull to do this and what was I thinking, and its most likely illegal, and blah blah blah....and I am like, "LADY, how OLD do you think I am?" She got this blank look on her face and said she thought I was in high school or something, when I told her how old I was she got all crimson and said she was sorry. Then she commenced helping me pick out panties....in fact the ones I am wearing in this set are the ones she helped me pick out!?! She said I would look "hot" in them! These are the things that happen in my life..... Do you see what I go thru just to be able do get naked for you? Maybe I should switch something so I don't look so young....maybe the hair? Hmmm....
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