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    Innocent teen cuties***
    you want me, you need me, but there ain't no way you're ever gonna love me...But don't perceive sad, 'cos two out of three ain't bad... ------------------------------------ And so it goes. A quick reminder - for those who delight in moving pictures, get over to the erotic clips section as well, where I've began uploading a bit of a Sandfly anthology.---------------------- Last time, I held up a bit of a prosaic mirror to the women-hating vermin who infest the site. Goodness, the tender souls got upset. Such vitriol in my comments, such lengthy WRITTEN condemnation of my excessive verbosity. Oh, the cosmic irony... My depiction of the listless existences of the haters and bashers certainly pricked some pricks.------------------------------------- For those who can read, and appreciate the joy, I can only apologise for those dregs of humanity who gravitate in the direction of my contris like fussy crickets to a preying mantis; they're fucking stupid, what can I say?...------------------------------------------------------------- HERE AND NOW are the MOMENTS I talk about - TRUE hidden cam moments; not staged and paid but a happenstance of time and the universe in ideal zyzygy. Some things just refresh the mind and there's nothing fairly like finding three buxom honies hitting the strand and getting naked with a joy and elastic attitude. I'd vow it wa sa first-ever time for them - one female with the best pair of natural tits I've come across (wahey!) in some time didn't have the brass neck to drop her bathing suit bottoms. But the other two did, and unveiled the style of the season - coiffured bush.------------------------------------------------------- Love this joy set; groups of chicks don't happen often (and certainly not if you're paying them, euro-scammers) but when they do, it's a damn delight. Of course, the Sandfly wouldn't leave you sans a dessert and that takes place ion the erotic clips section (or should, censorship baring) this week with a dynamic duo from the latest past getting their finest of bods bared for all to see. Check this platter then hop for moving moving pictures (sic, pedants)...
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